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Grassroots Altum [Tide] Of Normality

Pervasive, deeply predatory, and obscenely profitable social injustice "blockchain"-ed through openness, consistency, verifiability and falsifiability.

Version 0.1.0


Faux Precision Distracts From Cruel Intent

Overwhelming fake "legal precision" of extensive volumes of static text can quickly obstruct the sinister dynamic intent.

Critical to successful lawsuits is "seeing through" the deliberate, QAnon-style abusive emotional confusion and then quickly prioritizing the essential narratives.

"Dear Pres. Biden, in my personally experienced
and meticulously documented reality, the elite
'million-dollar' divorce lawyers of our nation’s
'Best Law Firms' are deliberately peddling
in QAnon-style disgusting raw sewage..."

Social Injustice BLOCKCHAIN-ed

Distributed "active" blockchains (perhaps NFTs) are the ultimate medium for storage of social injustice evidence with proven openness, consistency, verifiability, and falsifiability. is the open-source framework to help you transparently support and emotionally invest in your chosen "social injustice" court struggle.

"Dear Chief Justice, just 6 months later, I had
to file in my desperate but still banned 
'whistleblower silencing' motion, that ... the 
current Qnarre Judicial Report, based only on 3
judgments, contains [and documents] 1,200+ 
inconsistencies and outright fabrications by 3 
judges of the Family Court."

Astounding New Capacity & Speed

"Producing" paralyzing amounts of confusing and misleading claims is cheap and exponentially lucrative for predator lawyers in our digital present.

Adaptive "deep learning" technology allows incredibly fast sifting through incomprehensibly large bodies of text. Condensing the thus inferred intent into proven narratives is now possible.

"Just a hundred pages of Court orders yielded
1,200+ 'errors,' or surely embarrassing purely
textual inconsistencies. Slicing the evidence
into thematic 'qnarre' [quick narratives], gave
me a few pages long quantitate pivot table with
intuitive drill-downs for visual verification."